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IBM German website Heise Online has received confirmation that IBM is terminating its Cell processor line. This means that no future development will take place, making the PoweXCell 8i the last Cell processor. Parts of the Cell project will still make it into future processor designs, however.
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Francis Kuntz
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I wouldn't even bother trying to extract a reason out of the guys mouth; his attacking the source of the information is nothing less than a variation of ad-hom attack. He can't address the facts displayed to him so he attacks the source of the information - the same sort of thing christian fundamentalists do with the 'origin of the species' who attack Darwin instead of attacking the theory itself.

[EDIT]Hummm, I put a big post about my problems in my corporate, but I am not sure it's not risky to speak about that on a public forum. So removing it.

Ho yeah, and I am atheist.

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