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Linux Now this is one to ponder. This year, the Nobel Peace Prize went to Barack Obama, president of the United States. The prize has been given to both politicians and non-politicians alike, and Keith Lofstrom thinks its time to hand over the Peace Prize to a non-politician once more: Linus Torvalds.
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Maybe, but it sure is funny! And his fanboys clearly get upset when anyone mentions it.

Yeah, it is kind of funny. It's also funny that people find RMS's behaviour so embarrassing and disgusting. It appears that he has managed to transgress a strong psychological and social taboo. When we are kids we are conditioned to avoid certain kinds of behaviour, and we learn these taboos so well that later on they become abomination, although it's very difficult to logically explain why we feel that way.

Sometimes these taboos can suddenly vanish by simply changing perspective. I mean, most people would find licking someone else's snot and saliva quite disgusting. But exchanging French kisses with your loved one can be great fun, and young people who are in love and kiss passionately in public can appear cute instead of disgusting.

Only, now that I really start thinking about it, putting one's tongue into someone else's mouth *is* pretty disgusting. And unhygienic, too. Oh crap, I don't think I'll be able to kiss anyone ever again without feeling a strong urge to vomit... :-P

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