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OSNews, Generic OSes A new version of the learning tool OS MikeOS is available, sporting a new BASIC interpreter with 24 instructions. You can run BASIC code from inside the text editor by pressing F8. See the App Developer Handbook for a guide to the BASIC dialect (somewhat similar to old 8-bit BASICs, nostalgia fans), and the User Handbook for info on running MikeOS from a USB key, floppy or CD.
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RE[3]: Disappointing
by M-Saunders on Mon 23rd Nov 2009 12:38 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Disappointing"
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Ok, 2K is better, although it's still a bit on the large side for such a simple BASIC.

I could make it considerably smaller. I could remove the variety of error messages and replace them with a single "Syntax error". I could do some hackish stuff with the code to ultra-optimise it.

But you have to remember that MikeOS is a learning tool, so code clarity and structure is always more important than shaving bytes off at every opportunity. I'm writing something that people can (hopefully!) learn from - not trying to wow people with l33t asm skillz.


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