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In the News It is no secret that Microsoft is doing whatever it can to eat away at Google's immense market share of the search market, with Bing being its most ambitious effort yet. Well, it seems the battle just got a whole lot dirtier, as The Financial Times has uncovered news that Microsoft has approached several news content providers, offering them money if they "de-index" their sites from Google.
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RE: Rubbish
by Mark Williamson on Mon 23rd Nov 2009 15:53 UTC in reply to "Rubbish"
Mark Williamson
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Murdock has no clue. A simple robots.txt will delist his crap websites from Google. He could have done that ages ago. Legal action .. pfft.

I don't know, I *wish* it were the case that Murdoch didn't know what was going on. But I worry about this - he's not stupid as a businessman or a lobbyist AFAIK. Specifically, various people are suggesting he's busy making a case to mislead / give an excuse to politicians to "regulate the internet" in some moronic way.

I'm less worried that he'll be directly "successful" in creating paywalls and more worried that he's just building a facade of "Help, the evil internet is killing the news!" so that politicians will introduce various kinds of damaging legislation to help prop up him and people like him. With my super-cynical hat on, given a Murdoch endorsement can tip an election, it's not really in the interests of any governing party to cross him.

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