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In the News It is no secret that Microsoft is doing whatever it can to eat away at Google's immense market share of the search market, with Bing being its most ambitious effort yet. Well, it seems the battle just got a whole lot dirtier, as The Financial Times has uncovered news that Microsoft has approached several news content providers, offering them money if they "de-index" their sites from Google.
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Old school.
by krreagan on Mon 23rd Nov 2009 18:44 UTC
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Like a lot of businesses run by old school CEO's, Murdock does not get the internet so he is trying frantically to mold the internet (through legilation, mergers, partnerships...) so that he can remain relevant in the same fashion he has in the past. The problem is he has a lot of power to f*^# things up trying. I just hope (and I'm not confident) he dies before he can f*&^ it up too bad. He needs to retire (ya right!) and let someone else who is more familiar with 21st century technology and techniques take over.

What scares me about MS is that when anything that dominant dies or starts to fail, they tend to go kicking and screaming and there is the possibility of leaving a huge "death" footprint in the process.


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