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Opera Software The Opera team has released version 10.10 of their feature-rich browser. This is the first Opera release to come with Opera Unite, which combines the web browser with a web server, so that users can share data directly between one another, without the need for a third party.
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RE: Comment by Kroc
by mtzmtulivu on Tue 24th Nov 2009 01:01 UTC in reply to "Comment by Kroc"
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somebody else, at some point in the future will do it better? ...cant you alleast see the bias in your writing .. you are sitting there hopping for somebody to out do, for them not to gain any market..

opera may not be as popular as you other browsers, but it is the only browser that has had the biggest impact on browser UI .. can you mention mention two ideas that opera brought to the table and were adopted by other browers and GUI applications? ..i will start with tabs followed by thumbnailed most visited browser pages ...can you name one more?

what has firefox contributed in this front? what has safari? IE lately?

arent you somewhere in Europe? Opera is pretty popular in some countries in Europe sound like an American blogger who thinks if something isnt popular in silicon valley, it is not popular anywhere else in the world

can you lay down the hate for a little while? its getting boring

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