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Opera Software The Opera team has released version 10.10 of their feature-rich browser. This is the first Opera release to come with Opera Unite, which combines the web browser with a web server, so that users can share data directly between one another, without the need for a third party.
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RE[3]: Comment by Kroc
by mtzmtulivu on Tue 24th Nov 2009 01:53 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Kroc"
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what has chrome does?

they removed the menu bar, you could have hide it in opera ages ago and create a shortcut key to show/hide it if you want

they moved around the tabs, opera created the whole concept of tabs

they removed the status bar could have done that ages ago in all major browsers

the thing is ..opera could do 99.999% right and you will only mention about the missing 0.001%

...everybody needs a critic but your kind of criticism doesnt help only adds to negativity and we all need a little bit less of that ...

to be a bit "fair and balanced", can you mention two things opera contributed in advancing the web experience?

this feature could be useless but atleast they are trying something ..what new front has firefox tried to persue lately?, what about safari? IE came with their accelerators ..who else came with what?

you loose your credibility mr.

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