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Opera Software The Opera team has released version 10.10 of their feature-rich browser. This is the first Opera release to come with Opera Unite, which combines the web browser with a web server, so that users can share data directly between one another, without the need for a third party.
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I actually think O.Unite is great
by avih on Tue 24th Nov 2009 02:29 UTC
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I'm not an Opera user. I use Firefox daily, and even maintain a popular Firefox addon. I use Chrome as a "backup browser" and check Opera and I.E. occasionally. Bottom line is, I probably cannot be accused as an Opera fanboy.

However, I do think Opera Unite has an amazing potential.

Sharing photos or music or even videos without uploading/processing anything in advance, with the receiver not having to register anywhere is just great. True, many people wouldn't have the bandwidth to serve substantial amounts of data, however, I think it might just be enough for casual sharing.

I seriously think it's a first time that a non-technical user could have a relatively general local web server up and running in no time, DNS issues taken care of automatically or handled manually, custom share/serve options and configurations available in a blitz (as in photos/audio/password/etc) with possibly many more such custom server apps in the future accessible in a click.

People don't want a web server per-se. They want to expose data and information. With custom data modules hopefully available, in addition to the basic ones which are built-in, I think people will actually use it.

Of course, the concept itself of a web server with custom apps can be implemented as a stand alone application, but the integration into Opera just makes it way more accessible on one hand, and in-line with Opera's concept of "[almost] All your online needs can be satisfied with your browser" on the other hand.

The key word here is accessibility. And it's doing just that. Plain and simple. I.e. I can easily see myself launching Opera just for temporarily and quickly sharing a folder of music or photos or even video (to be played/navigated via an embedded player by the other party), instead of the overkill of uploading them to some social networking site or setting up a web server, configuring it, managing DNS issues, etc. It would just be too much hassle for such a casual share and it just wouldn't happen.

Opera Unite has a great potential IMHO. Looking forward for future developments in this area.

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