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In the News It is no secret that Microsoft is doing whatever it can to eat away at Google's immense market share of the search market, with Bing being its most ambitious effort yet. Well, it seems the battle just got a whole lot dirtier, as The Financial Times has uncovered news that Microsoft has approached several news content providers, offering them money if they "de-index" their sites from Google.
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RE: Rubbish!
by tomcat on Tue 24th Nov 2009 05:40 UTC in reply to "Rubbish!"
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Nope, the internet is full with copies of the same "news". When all the commerical vendors go to Google, nobody will care because the information is still out there and indexed by Google.

You actually think that it will escape the notice of all of the "commercial news vendors" that they can make money by allowing someone other than Google to index their content? I wouldn't bet on it. But that's essentially the dilemma that Google's going to have to wrestle with. One thing is certain: Newspapers are going out of business because they can't monetize giving away news for free (duh). They will either evolve and copy NewsCorp, or they'll make a deal with Google. Either way, things are going to change.

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