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Opera Software The Opera team has released version 10.10 of their feature-rich browser. This is the first Opera release to come with Opera Unite, which combines the web browser with a web server, so that users can share data directly between one another, without the need for a third party.
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by StephenBeDoper on Wed 25th Nov 2009 00:25 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by kaiwai"
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"Hell, that website refusing to let you in unless you turn on JAVA (not javascript, but full on Java) is enough for me to report the site as suspect/scam. I most certainly wouldn't voluntarily open it - Just exactly what is it?

Unfortunately it is my university website where I can log in and find out my university marks for the year.

Ouch. The university I attended did something even worse during my second or third year. The originally had a simple, old-school CGI/Perl application for course registration - it worked in any current browser (by late 90s standards), and even the on-campus kiosks for course registration were just dumb terminals that ran the registration site in a text-only browser.

Then they bought & converted over to this IIS/ActiveX-based piece of crap that only worked with IE on Win9x/NT (when it worked, instead of just crashing - the client and the server, that is). The software was so ill-suited (or just badly-configured) that, in order to register for a full-year course, you had to register for it *twice* - once for each semester.

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