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Microsoft During Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference the company's President of Server and Tools, Bob Muglia, and Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie talked to a select group of reporters and bloggers about a variety of topics - including Silverlight.
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I can promise you, no one will use COM-specific features for a Silverlight-enabled website. It wouldn't make sense.

History has already proven you wrong. You might not remember a little thing called Active-X which was a Microsoft-only technology developed by Microsoft for Microsoft OSes. Some commercial websites used this "innovative" technology which made it impossible for those of us who don't use Microsoft OSes to do business with them. Here's an example of the nonsensical use of
<a href="">

To imply just because some features does not apply to your platform you are not getting the "full" Silverlight experience is ill-informed.

See above.

[q]Will you stop with the FUD already?!
Quoting facts is not FUD.

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