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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu At the Ubuntu Developer Summit, which took place last week, it was announced that the next release of the Ubuntu Linux distribution, version 10.04, will no longer carry the GIMP in its default installation. This actually touches upon somethin I've been wanting to talk about, a problem that plagues both Linux and Mac OS X: Paint.NET is Windows-only.
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RE: Why do we need any paint program
by CrLf on Wed 25th Nov 2009 21:07 UTC in reply to "Why do we need any paint program"
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I never did understand the recurring criticisms about the GIMP's interface. It is oriented for editing multiple images on a system with virtual desktops available. And it's not Photoshop, but if you want Photoshop or can't take five minutes to learn something else (without kicking and screaming all the way through it), then just stick with Photoshop.

As for Inkscape, I never used it, so I can't say if it's good or not (I assume it is). But as first impressions go, I started it the other day and was startled by the sheer number of toolbars it shows in the default configuration. It looked like Autocad from the late 90's.

I just find the double standards intriguing.

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