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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu At the Ubuntu Developer Summit, which took place last week, it was announced that the next release of the Ubuntu Linux distribution, version 10.04, will no longer carry the GIMP in its default installation. This actually touches upon somethin I've been wanting to talk about, a problem that plagues both Linux and Mac OS X: Paint.NET is Windows-only.
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QT + KDELibs is smaller than Mono. Mono runtime is insanely heavy and get heavier as they add more emulation for items like winforms. GTK+ is not used inside KDE applications themselves. Gobject from glib is for sound in places it makes sence. Diskfoot print QT+KDELibs wins.

Mono also has a major memory issue for a Livecd. Mono supporters love overlooking it makes loading kdelibs into memory for 1 app look painless. Mono is not prebuild. Application and data are all allocated in memory that has to go to swap when out of memory. Guess what Livecd no swap. So mono is binding up memory in a way that cannot be released.

Using QT+KDElib since the applications are built as true binaries all the application data like kdelibs are file maps to memory in case of memory stress can be removed from ram. So yes kdelibs applications could be slow from a live cd having to swap items in and out of memory. But important issue is they can swap parts in and out of memory where mono really cannot. So KDELibs is more compatible with a livecd when memory stressed.

Dumping and rebuilding the x86/processor code over and over again is going to cost way more time than using QT+KDElibs. Its not a solvable problem unless you build mono programs as native. But then due to mono design native programs are huge.

Yep KDELibs wins in the ram department.

Ie if you are argueing about ram usage pure native GTK applications on a Gnome system is the best QT+KDElibs is the second best. Items like Java and Mono are last.

QT is not Mono. QT is a low level lib that where able keeps it stacking shallow. Mono sits on a stack of stuff then puts emulation on top again.

Next big thing is most Native binaries on Linux are bloated. Purely due to gcc. When you link .o files into a program optimization between the .o files don't happen. Gcc 4.5 that should be out before the next ubuntu will enable optimizations to go across the .o splits. So freeing up more disk space.

Please don't forget Mono need to have a compiler in memory all the time. Losing hand over fist all the way along with mono. Less applications that install simply and worse usage of resources at hand.

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