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KDE KOffice 2.1 has been released. "This release is a marked improvement of almost all parts of KOffice compared to 2.0. Version 2.0 was labeled a 'platform release', which was meant as a first preview of the framework and new UI paradigm. In version 2.1, most applications and components have improved significantly but should still only be used by early adopters and probably not as the primary worktool."
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by liber on Thu 26th Nov 2009 09:16 UTC
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I am a big fan of koffice, and the 2.x-series shows some promise. Shows some promise, yes, but that is all koffice ever did. I use it daily (I can't get oo.o to use ligatures), but for the average user 2.1 is too strange.

Krita gets lots of attention, and it is (imho) the best koffice has to give. Kword, on the other hand needs some love. I have gotten used to some of the quirks (like double-clicking an image will give me an "open file"-dialog instead of selecting it). It is really not much that has to be done (as I said, i really really like kword).

It just have to be "streamlined" to a normal workflow, making the usual actions easier. I know koffice 2 is far from ready yet, but this is something I felt already under koffice 1.6. Anyways, koffice 2 shows even more promise than 1.6, I just hope it doesn't stay that way.

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