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Microsoft During Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference the company's President of Server and Tools, Bob Muglia, and Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie talked to a select group of reporters and bloggers about a variety of topics - including Silverlight.
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The phrase "EPIC FAIL" comes to mind.

I agree. You have EPICALLY FAILED to understand the point. So I will harder to make it clearer. Here goes:

1) Microsoft "innovates" a web technology that requires features that only a Microsoft OS can provide. AKA things like I don't know, ACTIVEX or maybe say COM.

2) LOGICALLY one would expect that such technologically would not be used by one to create a website that uses such a technology to LOCK OUT any clients who use an operating sytem OTHER THAN Window OS.

I PRESENTED an EXAMPLE of such behavior by microsoft AND website developers. Do you get the point?

Here's the quote from Riko in case you forgot:
I can promise you, no one will use COM-specific features for a Silverlight-enabled website. It wouldn't make sense.

He claims that just because it wouldn't make sense that therefore no would do such a thing based SOLELY on the fact that "it wouldn't make sense". I gave an example of where "it wouldn't make sense" DID NOT STOP people from doing such things with Microsoft technology encouraged by Microsoft. Understand?

Now, maybe "you" don't know of a website that uses silverlight and com, and maybe there aren't any right now, but as my example has demonstrated that's no barrier to some sites being that stupid with encouragement from Microsoft.

Here's another quote for you. Link:

And quote:
AgCore.dll COM Interfaces

The following interfaces are supported only for Internet Explorer and Microsoft Windows in combination. These interfaces are used for hosting the Silverlight plug-in within an application, rather than by using a browser's ActiveX or NPAPI control models to embed Silverlight as part of an HTML page loaded by a browser.

Note the choice of words. It's intended for use within an application, but there's no barrier here for using it within IE. Steve knows best indeed!

And just remember: denial is not just a river in Egypt.

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