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Microsoft During Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference the company's President of Server and Tools, Bob Muglia, and Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie talked to a select group of reporters and bloggers about a variety of topics - including Silverlight.
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"Now, maybe "you" don't know of a website that uses silverlight and com, and maybe there aren't any right now, but as my example has demonstrated that's no barrier to some sites being that stupid with encouragement from Microsoft. "

A barrier is that COM interop is not supported for browser-based Silverlight applications. It is only enabled for out-of-browser Silverlight applications running in full trust mode.

I have no idea what you're on about with the agcore.dll COM interfaces, but they have nothing to do with the new COM interop feature. agcore.dll is the core of the IE version of Silverlight; it provides a set of COM interfaces so other applications can embed it as well.

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