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FreeBSD Astute readers probably already saw this one waiting in our backend, but since there was no official announcement yet, I decided to wait. Now that it's officially here, let's rejoice: the FreeBSD team has released version 8.0 of their operating system, packed with new features and improvements.
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RE: What's the point with *BSD?
by Dubhthach on Fri 27th Nov 2009 09:22 UTC in reply to "What's the point with *BSD?"
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zfs: Nice filesystem but the same will be on Linux with btrfs soon and it's probably going to be even better. And btrfs has been developed by the company which actually bought Sun, namely Oracle. Furthermore, what's actually what people are so crazy about zfs? You can have nearly all of those features with xfs+lvm as well (even snapshots) and you will much more flexible, zfs even lacks an fsck which *disqualifies* it's professional use (by professional I mean a SAN with 150+ harddisks and several TB of filesystem with hundreds of GB of userdata). And, yes, all filesystems corrupt, even zfs did. Check out the zfs ML. And when you have something like a SAN, you will get your SAN exposed to the operating system as one single block-device. So half of the zfs magic features will just be useless.

I've let to see BrtFS been used in production systems let alone storage systems that are been sold on the market, all I ever hear is "it's going to be ready real soon". Meanwhile ZFS is production ready and in actual usage. As for your argument about "professional use". I wonder why Sun sells a OpenStorage system using ZFS that scales to 288TB with 1TB disks (288 disks)? Perhaps you can pass me that crack pipe of yours.

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