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KDE We all know what KDE stands for, right? Unless you're new here, you'll know that it stands for the K Desktop Environment. While this certainly covers a large chunk of what KDE stands for, it has increasingly lost its meaning over the past few years. Consequently, the KDE team has decided to 'reposition' the KDE brand.
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RE[4]: Ugh
by tosky on Fri 27th Nov 2009 10:13 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Ugh"
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Who the hell would want to use a KDE program outside of KDE?

This is your point of view. You will be surprised to discover how many people uses KDE applications under, let's say, GNOME. It's normal, they are all Xlib-based applications.
And yes, also under OSX or Windows.

I mean most other environments have their own alternatives, sometimes they are even better.

Sometimes worse.

I truly don't understand what would be the point. They should have just stuck with what they had or they could just go right ahead with Plasma as the name for the whole thing.

I do not understand your point: even without porting to other environments, KDE would be much more than Plasma. That's it.

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