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Apple Apple is usually quite the secretive company, revealing little of itself or its practices. With the App Store under heavy criticism, the company felt it needed to break the silence, and as such, Apple's senior vice-president for worldwide product marketing, Phil Schiller defended the company's App Store policies.
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RE[7]: The Apple Way
by erak on Sat 28th Nov 2009 00:41 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: The Apple Way"
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How is the design of the the LG Prada "quite weak" in comparison to the Iphone?
Please explain.

Can't really understand how you could interpret it like that. I said that the comparison was weak, not the design.

Well, first of all, there is no "even if" about it -- the Prada was being sold months before the Iphone was being sold. As I recall, the Prada started selling in January of 2007. When did the Iphone first start selling?...

What are you talking about? I know when they started selling, what has the selling date has to do with anything? The topic was stealing design, rehash or whatever.And when it comes to R&D, it would be impossible for Apple the steal the design in that amount of time. This is no cheap chinese knock off with hardware from the 90s.

I do not claim that Apple stole the LG/Prada design (although the LG CEO made that claim).

No, but I felt that you said it in way that you thought it was possible for Apple to get inspiration from the LG Prada, and it was not.

However, there really is not that much to to the design of flat, compact, touchscreen phones other than a screen and a bezel, so they all pretty much look the same -- obvious and generic.

In light of this fact and given that others were winning awards on the same generic design prior to Apple, it seems rather silly for Apple fans to proclaim that the Iphone is a triumph of unique and innovative enclosure design.

I agree, it's quite generic.

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