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FreeBSD Astute readers probably already saw this one waiting in our backend, but since there was no official announcement yet, I decided to wait. Now that it's officially here, let's rejoice: the FreeBSD team has released version 8.0 of their operating system, packed with new features and improvements.
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RE: What's the point with *BSD?
by Drumhellar on Sat 28th Nov 2009 01:21 UTC in reply to "What's the point with *BSD?"
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User friendly installation is not that important. You only install the damn thing once on a system, and it only takes 20 minutes or so, compared to the thousands of hours of use the system give. The FreeBSD installer is straight forward, too, and results in a fully configured system.

You obviously don't understand the ports system.
When you install a port, the source is downloaded and compiled, as are the package's dependencies. You can customize each package fully, so if you remove features which also remove dependencies, those dependencies aren't built. You can also easily create installable binary packages to be transported to other systems or archived.

If you need packages right away, a simple pkg_add -r <pkgname> should suffice. Many of the ports are available that way. It is very easy and fast.

Also, Linux ABI emulation is remarkable. It has been a while since FreeBSD was on my desktop, but as an example, it ran Unreal Tournament 2004 at a 35% higher framerate than Linux did, and even slightly higher than XP at certain resolutions. This was using the nVidia drivers.

The few other frequent-use cases mirrored those results, with FreeBSD running desktop Linux apps at the same speed or faster. Anything with graphics ran much, much better.

Also, perhaps the biggest reason why FreeBSD is so cool: The FreeBSD Handbook.

I have yet to see any document for any operating system that compares. There are really good ones out there for Windows, Solaris, Red Hat, etc etc, that are great, but they are not free.

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