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Legal We've got some progress in the other legal case Apple is involved in. The California case, Apple vs. Psystar, is more or less a done deal, but the Florida case, Psystar vs. Apple, is only just beginning. As it promised it would do, Apple has now asked the court in California to either dismiss the Florida case, or transfer it to California. Apple is also asking for a permanent injuction against Psystar. Through this motion, we also gain some juicy insight into Psystar's sales projections - and more interestingly, how many machines the clone maker actually sold.
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by JonathanBThompson on Sat 28th Nov 2009 02:12 UTC
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First, you feel Apple has no right to enforce their rights, and that Psystar, regardless of how much/little they profit, shouldn't pay for their violation of Apple's rights.

Then, you go into another thread about Apple and warranties related to smoke, and you completely censor (not vote down, but censor) 2 posts that remotely criticize your hypocrisy in your thoughts that corporations have less rights than any individual if the individual (less powerful than they are, or perhaps a corporate individual that's not remotely as strong financially) and think that's all well and good, and then you go and stomp all over those that would object (those that have lesser power than you in your representation of OSNews) and go and rewrite what they say, attempting to force words down their throat, or completely censor them: wait, and you even deign to consider yourself remotely journalistic? You promote hypocrisy with your editorializations where you put deliberate slants on everything, and then you go forth and practice it in censoring/smashing anything that remotely sounds too close to an inconvenient truth.

It's one thing to say things that cause people to hate you: what you're also doing is guaranteed to make people disrespect you, deeply, in addition. At least, in most cases, people learn to hate others but still respect them, because at least they have principles: you are demonstrating that you do not, and you're attempting to write the opinions of others that dissent. Your behavior is absolutely disgusting.

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