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Hardware, Embedded Systems Now this is an interesting case. Late last week news got out that Apple is refusing to repair machines still under AppleCare from customers who smoke, citing health risks from second-hand smoke. Wait, what?
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RE[5]: Wrong as can be!
by tweakedenigma on Sat 28th Nov 2009 05:08 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Wrong as can be!"
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alcohol, McDonald's food.

An important difference between cigarettes and all of those things you listed is that cigarettes are highly addictive. Well, of course, alcohol is also addictive, but the majority (~90%) of the population can indulge, and even over-indulge, on alcohol at a regular rate without becoming addicted. Everyone who smokes with any consistency for even a short period of time WILL become addicted.

First I have seen many many cases where people have been just as addicted to Fast Food and Alcohol as Tobacco. As was stated these also have rather large health risks associated with them but for some unknown reason they are not viewed in the same light.

Also speaking as someone that smoked for 10 years plus from the age of 9-21, and quit with no help I can honestly say it was just as easy for me to give up as Fast Food, Regular Drinking and Coffee. The fact of the matter is in all cases you have to decided if you want to keep Smoking or not end of story.

And before I get the I haven't seen the effects I have lost family members to lunge Cancer caused by Smoking, Liver failure caused by Drinking, and heart issues from living off greasy foods. I have seen addiction in many forms and it often comes down to a mental state more then the physical addiction.

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