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IBM "IBM likes to go on and on about the transaction processing power and I/O bandwidth of its System z mainframes, but now there is a new and much bigger kid on the block. Its name is the Power Systems IH supercomputing node, based on the company's forthcoming Power7 processors and a new homegrown switching system that blends optical and copper interconnects. The Power7 IH node was on display at the SC09 supercomputer trade show last week in Portland, Oregon, and El Reg was on hand to get the scoop from the techies who designed the iron. This server node is the heart of the 20 petaflop 'Blue Waters' supercomputer being installed at the University of Illinois."
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RE[5]: Comment by strim
by Drumhellar on Sun 29th Nov 2009 18:42 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by strim"
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They were comparing a high end desktop chip with a mobile chip,

He wasn't talking about desktop chips. Apple's Core Duo debut was in laptops, so it was a like with like comparion.

And even if Steve Jobs stretched the truth about performance, as he frequently does, the performance/watt is still significantly higher.

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