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General Development Even though I'm not a programmer, I still know that while some programmers like the idea of graphical programming, whereas others shun the concept completely, opting for a more hands-on approach. While Microsoft is quite active in the field of graphical programming, the company's own high-level coders aren't very keen on the idea.
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Too vague.
by JMcCarthy on Mon 30th Nov 2009 00:24 UTC
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I'm not entirely sure what's being talked about here, but if they're simply referring to programming environments then I kind of agree.

Notepad is a little too ascetic for me, I use emacs. I think a decent shell + text editor + standard *nix utilities are the pinnacle of software development, no doubt they're harder to master, but when you do, there isn't a GUI IDE that I know of that can match them in speed, ease of use, or features, and I'm fairly familiar with Visual Studio, XCode and have had the occasional foray with Eclipse & NetBeans.

When I write GUI programs though, I will use Qt Designer or Glade. The lines seem kind of blurred to me, but I wouldn't consider these programming tools, more like design.

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