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General Development Even though I'm not a programmer, I still know that while some programmers like the idea of graphical programming, whereas others shun the concept completely, opting for a more hands-on approach. While Microsoft is quite active in the field of graphical programming, the company's own high-level coders aren't very keen on the idea.
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RE: This is what i use
by XCoder on Mon 30th Nov 2009 07:39 UTC in reply to "This is what i use"
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I'am too.

~90% Visual C# / .NET 3.5
~5% Notepad ++ and PHP
~5% Monodevelop.

Before .NET and VS I used Delphi/Kylix, and I wrote
a relative big GUI application with wxGTK/C++ and KDevelop.

IMHO the good IDE with code insight, integrated debugger, code formatter, refactoring is very important if you write a bigger code then "Hello word!". I can write C++ code with a simple notepad, but it is not too productive. The minimum is the "lightweight" C++ IDE (like KDevelop, Anjuta, Dev-C++, Code::Blocks).
I tired vi and emacs, but this things are very far from the current GUI/text editing standards.

The visual code generation tools like windows.forms designer also very important things. The hand-writed GUI code or xml or html are not too productive, and IMHO the html/xml is a very big backstep from the visual RAD tools (delphi, visual basic, etc) to "good old" Clipper or Turbo Pascal...

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