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General Development Even though I'm not a programmer, I still know that while some programmers like the idea of graphical programming, whereas others shun the concept completely, opting for a more hands-on approach. While Microsoft is quite active in the field of graphical programming, the company's own high-level coders aren't very keen on the idea.
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RE: Makes sense
by f0dder on Mon 30th Nov 2009 11:59 UTC in reply to "Makes sense"
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...but it should be perfectly feasible in Visual Studio. I know the DDK discourages this and wants you to write makefiles and use the DDK build environment, but I've written driver projects with VS without trouble.

Heck, even if you insist on using the DDK build environment for building, you can still use the VS IDE for writing the code, and take advantage of features like inline help, intellisense, the code browsing features etc.

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