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General Development Even though I'm not a programmer, I still know that while some programmers like the idea of graphical programming, whereas others shun the concept completely, opting for a more hands-on approach. While Microsoft is quite active in the field of graphical programming, the company's own high-level coders aren't very keen on the idea.
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by Timmmm on Mon 30th Nov 2009 12:16 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment"
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Yeah NetBeans is pretty good. It is Java-slow, but not as bad as Eclipse and has a much less insane UI.

KDevelop is ok, but again, the UI is just too cluttered and messy. And autocompletion never worked (maybe they've fixed that in KDevelop4).

Visual Studio is clearly one of microsofts best products, and one that they deserve high praise for. The autocompletion in particular is almost unparalleled. The only UI that comes close in my opinion is...

Qt Creator, which has autocompletion that works well (!), a simple UI, isn't a slow Java program, and has a very nice text editor (you can even get it to show whitespace which I think is rather nice). It is lacking in a few key features (e.g. you can't organise source files into folders), but despite this I think it is definitely the best C++ IDE available for linux.

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