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General Development Even though I'm not a programmer, I still know that while some programmers like the idea of graphical programming, whereas others shun the concept completely, opting for a more hands-on approach. While Microsoft is quite active in the field of graphical programming, the company's own high-level coders aren't very keen on the idea.
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Visual Programming
by cwaig_g on Mon 30th Nov 2009 16:42 UTC
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Apple have shipped a couple of "visual programming" type tools (as opposed to IDE's, which are just vi-with-pretties).

Automator (visual equivalent of shell scripting), and Quartz Composer (for graphics type stuff). They're ok, I guess...

It's worth noting though, that the electronics industry have done "visual programming" for decades (think - circuit schematics), and found that as a paradigm it didn't scale to modern large scale designs (it's only found as the board/block level these days) - hence the rise of Verilog and VHDL for complex chip design work. I suspect the same is true with software - it's ok for block level modelling but virtually useless for detail implementation.

And for the record, the king of editors / ide's is KScope - it does code navigation, but apart from that it stays out of the way...

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