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GNU, GPL, Open Source From Free Software Magazine: "Google promises a much needed shift in the way small computers work. Problems like software updates, backups, installation, maintenance, viruses, have plagued the world for too long: a shift is way overdue. To me, however, the change about to happen shows us what many people have refused to believe for a long time: KDE and GNOME shot each other dead."
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It's all about the money. Show me the money.
When money is involved the devs will come to the party and every app you can think of will be created.
I assume Google will start some kind of app store, if they haven't already, and the devs will flock, almost to the degree they did the iPhone. The Hype will sky-rocket, and we'll start to hear stories of instant millionaire devs.

Linux by comparison is about charity.
That's all well and good but who really wants to work for nothing. Yes, some companies will lend some resources when it suits them but that is it. They don't promote the whole software stack, just their particular area of interest. It's about big companies making it difficult enough that you need to buy their services because it's rude to sell open source software. There's also a reason for the term 'Commercial quality' too. You wonder why IT jobs have slumped and it's hard to make a living and then you give your OS and apps away for FREE.... and people still complain. 'How can someone want Windows when Linux is free' you lament. It's about perceived value too, and free, sounds worthless to most.

I believe Linux, is not commercialised enough for the average Joe. Everyone has heard of Google because everyone goes on the web. Not many people have heard of Linux or even know what a 'server' is (a waiter perhaps). No advertising budget means no users....except geeks who are drawn to such things. There are only so many geeks. World domination is not possible by geeks alone. Unless of course you make more Geeks. Linux may as well be called GeekOS. In fact that's kinda catchy... I may need to trademark that. ;-)

As for lack of local storage in Chrome OS... doesn't the HTML5 spec even feature built in database access (yep, you use SQL right in the browser). The webkit folks are already working on it, so it'll be in Chrome, and therefore Chrome OS soon enough. The databases might even be somewhat persistent in the same way Cookies are. Add some offline browser page caching, and you're set.

Also, not everyone, not every geek, is a Linux fanboy. I try it out every year and I am always disappointed, by this and that not working properly and scurry back to (the devil) Windows....which also happens to be where the money is!! It really is akin to Capitalism vs Communism. (I'll let you decide what is winning)

And finally, I would like to point out that diversity is good and makes things interesting again. The excitement around the diverse computer platforms of the micro-computer age, is what led to my interest in computers and software in the first place... and I wouldn't be posting here otherwise.

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