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Oracle and SUN Yesterday (today if you're in the US), Sun released the latest version of its virtualisation solution, VirtualBox 3.1. Among speed improvements and other smaller features, the biggest news is that Virtualox 3.1 introduces something called teleportation: you can move running VMs between machines - servers or clients, different architectures, different host operating systems, it doesn't matter to VirtualBox. Coincidentally, this reminded me of an idea I once had about moving running applications between machines.
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Thanks for the thorough comment!

I'd say app virtualization might be more easily doable if it ran in a VM itself as with Java or the .Net CLI.

A modified Mono VM for example could keep track of an app's state from the moment it's started. As long as the app is managed the situation would be very similar to that of an OS VM.

Of course the challenge would be that apps need to support moving from a desktop PC to a cell phone. That would mean more work for a developer in order to handle different form factors... Cell phones might be getting better in term of screen resolution, they still require an entirely different UI.

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