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Oracle and SUN Yesterday (today if you're in the US), Sun released the latest version of its virtualisation solution, VirtualBox 3.1. Among speed improvements and other smaller features, the biggest news is that Virtualox 3.1 introduces something called teleportation: you can move running VMs between machines - servers or clients, different architectures, different host operating systems, it doesn't matter to VirtualBox. Coincidentally, this reminded me of an idea I once had about moving running applications between machines.
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by smitty on Tue 1st Dec 2009 04:20 UTC
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KDE4.4 is coming with remote plasmoids, so that you can have something like a music plasmoid accessible from both your desktop and phone. But that's a long way from what Thom is describing, which is actually migrating entire applications from one device to another.

Realistically, the only way to get that to work is to have the applications running inside some sort of sandbox. Otherwise, you have to figure out how to copy the OS state from one machine to another, and there isn't even any guarantee that would be possible (different CPU architecture, different OS, etc.). So you have to have some common framework running everywhere that contains all the application state for you. Copying a VM over is relatively easy, because it's essentially just copying over the state of a single application into another identical instance running somewhere else. The tricky bit is getting that to work on generic apps. It might be possible to use the .NET or Java VMs as a sandbox, I'm guessing they could be modified to work this way relatively simply.

The easiest way of achieving this kind of interoperability probably goes back to the past, and not a future tech. Just have a mainframe somewhere, which serves the applications you are using to whatever screen you currently happen to be looking at.

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