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FreeBSD Astute readers probably already saw this one waiting in our backend, but since there was no official announcement yet, I decided to wait. Now that it's officially here, let's rejoice: the FreeBSD team has released version 8.0 of their operating system, packed with new features and improvements.
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"No... you are not!

What precisely am I not? Agreeing to stop putting others down? Sure I am, and I'd like you to show me where, in your opinion, you have a problem with my statements. (I am not so stupid to insist on an error I made, so please show me.)

Take a look at the message board...

You are grumbling amongst one another without asking yourselves why??? It's the same old crap between Linux and BSD [...]

So you see my postings as a kind of "BSD is better than Linux"? If you think so, read again please. Personally, I see the future of Linux and the BSDs side by side, inspiring each other, and being better suitable for a particular task than the other, even if it's just for a certain amount of time.

If you feel this way, then you got it.

[...] - get over it and keep progressing. It's OPENSOURCE advancing in ways it never has before, not whose making the better opensource. Whether we know it or not - "We have to get there together".

That's a statement I would have no problem to share. In my opinion, the future is open source, but there will always be places and times for closed source programs.

Again... you got the message.

If this is not what you meant to refer to, please be more specific, and keep in mind that English is not my native language. Thank you.

Your english is fine... you simply got the message while answering your own question.

Thank you.

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