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Databases In about six weeks time developers from all over the world will convene in Prague for the 2005 edition of the Firebird Conference. This year's conference has an even greater abundance of speakers and topics than the previous editions of the event. The various tracks on the conference will cover Firebird itself, development languages and solution stacks, development tools and issues and applications. And, of course, it is a great opportunity to meet the community.
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by _df_ on Tue 4th Oct 2005 02:52 UTC
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I'm not interested in how many transactions per second one is over the other (firebird v postgres). I use firebird. all i care for is real MVCC and integrity which both provide. the winner for me is that I can embed firebird by just dropping a dll into the directory my app is in... and i can grow it from embedding to a full server without any pains OR a single change to my code...

choosing either firebird or postgress is a winning scenario for most anyone.... having real MVCC in two free products is just awesome.

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