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Qt Nokia has released the latest version of its cross-platform toolkit Qt, version 4.6. As usual, it comes with a whole slew of improvements and new features, and this time, they even added a new platform into the mix.
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RE[3]: KDE
by leos on Tue 1st Dec 2009 21:16 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: KDE"
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I actually like GTK. In my limited experience, in GTK, more typing is involved, but things make more sense and it's easier to get things right. In particular, I like how containers (that provide layouts) are widgets themselves, meaning that you can put a complex layout with multiple widgets in it anywhere that you could put a single widget. That's not true in Qt (at least, not without a little extra work): there, layouts are a separate entity from widgets.

Normally you would insert a widget and set the layout inside that widget to get the behaviour you describe.

This bit me recently trying to create a push-button in Qt that could accommodate arbitrary child widgets and layouts: that's just there in GTK, but I had to sub-class QFrame in Qt and override the mouseReleaseEvent (which got the job done, save for the minor quibble that the result doesn't look like a normal QPushButton).

I'm curious why you wanted this? A huge button with arbitrary widgets inside? How would that even work if those widget should interact with input? Push buttons accept images and text, I don't think you should be putting other widgets inside one.

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