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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Time. Coming. Long. Put these in the appropriate order, and you'll get my reaction to this news. Nokia has announced that it is planning a major overhaul of the user interface to the Symbian operating system, still the most popular smartphone platform in the world.
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RE[3]: My opinion
by oiaohm on Thu 3rd Dec 2009 13:02 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: My opinion"
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"[q]pinching will always be cooler than what Nokia can offer.

Actually, pinching, flicking and kinetic scrolling are all featured in the new version of Qt and will be coming to a next-gen Nokia smartphone near you.

...until Apple sues them, that is. And then, mark my words, we'll get an entertaining circus of iApologists claiming that flicking and pinching are proprietary to Apple (despite the fact that those gestures are as old as the opposable thumb itself). [/q]

What was the recent patent cases from Nokia to Apple really about. Basically if Apple sues Nokia. Nokia will take them off face of earth. Nokia was proving it willingness to fight.

Nokia is really moving to a single GUI with multi OS cores.

QT GUI basically runs on most hardware. So application developers can reuse code more.

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