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Window Managers Window Maker is an X11 window manager originally designed to provide integration support for the GNUstep Desktop Environment. In every way possible, it reproduces the elegant look and feel of the NEXTSTEP user interface. It is fast, feature rich, easy to configure, and easy to use. It is also free software, with contributions being made by programmers from around the world.
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RE[5]: Not even close to NeXT
by Odwalla on Fri 4th Dec 2009 03:20 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Not even close to NeXT"
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If the creators didn't want it compared to the original they shouldn't have wholesale borrowed the look and feel of the original. Of course people are going to compare WindowMaker to NeXTStep. The WindowMaker devs go so far as to encourage comparisons when they refer to how WM "reproduces the elegant look and feel of the NEXTSTEP[tm] user interface". The problem is that WM can't reproduce the elegant look and feel of NeXTStep when all it can do is dress up window frames, some menus, and an incredibly small subset of GUI apps the user may need or want. The look and feel of the majority of user apps themselves is totally out of its control. What you end up with is a horrible mish-mash of UI styling and functionality. A Linux system running WM and GNOME or KDE apps, by it's very open nature, can't come anywhere close to approaching the unified look and usability a NeXT box provided with it's toolkit and HiG. A full blown KDE or GNOME desktop running KDE or GNOME apps is arguably closer to what NeXT was than what WM tries to provide because either of those can provide consistency.

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