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Internet & Networking You thought the whole browser ballot thing in Windows was behind us, right? That everybody was finally happy, so that we could continue doing what an overwhelming number of people have already done without a ballot screen - that is, install non-IE browsers? Not exactly. Opera, Mozilla, and Google still had complaints, which Microsoft addressed, making everybody happy.
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RE: Ridiculous
by larwilliams2 on Sat 5th Dec 2009 04:27 UTC in reply to "Ridiculous"
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"The biggest issue these three browser makers had with Microsoft's proposal was that by listing browsers alphabetically by vendor, Apple's Safari had an unfair advantage."

So, they basically claim that users can't go past the first entry and will by default click on whatever is the first one? That's ridiculous, and they are sending a message that they think end-users aren't much smarter than a bunch of monkeys. How wonderful. Besides, having things in alphabetical order is what people expect and are used to. Having them in a random order just gives very poor image of both Microsoft and all the browsers in the list.

And most of does this make the life easier for the end-user? This should be all about end-user and their computing experience, NOT about market share!

"On top of that, under pressure from the three browser makers, Microsoft has agreed to remove the Internet Explorer logo from the ballot screen. It was said that the recognisability of the IE logo would give an unfair advantage to Internet Explorer."

This too is nothing more than nitpicking. Yes, plain, simple nitpicking, with nothing of value for the end-user.

God I wish we lived in a world where people and their needs came first, then companies and the pockets full of money.

Most aren't smarter than a bunch of monkeys LOL

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