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In the News This 24/7 Wall Street article displays three common media ailments: hyperbole, a love for top ten lists, and an obsession with December predictions for the coming year (which off course OSNews is obviously also falling victim to), and there are some predictable losers on this list (Blockbuster Video, anyone?). I thought it would be an interesting topic for OSNews because three of the companies/brands are quite familiar to us: Palm, Motorola, and Sun Microsystems.
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"Intel graphics dominate the market.

You're joking right? Or are you just talking about the graphically 'weaker' laptop/netbook market?

That *is* the most important market, don't you think? Some people buy expensive hardware with high-performance graphics. A lot more buy what's cheap, and for them, sufficient. Sure, Intel's graphics are crap in terms of performance, but they're good enough for many...

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