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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless In what is certainly entirely expected, I was wrong about the whole CrunchPad drama. I suspected it was nothing more than a publicity stunt, but as it turns out, Fusion Garage's side of the story confirmed that the break between them and Arrington is real. During a press conference today, Fusion Garage told their side of the story, while also officially introducing the CrunchPad Joo Joo.
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joo joo= poo poo
by fasted on Mon 7th Dec 2009 20:53 UTC
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Why the apple bash, I thought this was a story about a tablet? Does Apple make a tablet? Am I missing something? It did say it contained a Unix-like OS, but didn't mention OSX. Some people's children..
If it was an arm processor (a dual preferably) and ran moblin or chromeos I'd be all over it, even at $500, it'd be well worth it.

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