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Google Google chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt will sit down with Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy on Tuesday morning to outline a collaborative effort between the two companies. It's not clear what the partnership will entail, but Sun has already begun to hype the event. More about this here.
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thinkfree??? office online?
by 2501 on Tue 4th Oct 2005 13:28 UTC
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2005-07-14 did it already. if you want to acces your office suite online, it seems that staroffice and google is tha answer. but you can try thinkfree also fro free.(beta version)

this is not really big news but it shows the new direction that google and other companies will take. We'd be able to run more apps on line without installing them on our computers. that is nice.

i think this is the way to go. maybe if you are into video editing(get a mac) or games(windows), you would not need this but for everything else, go online and do whatever you want.

i think that eventually in a near future, GooOS would reign. No Windows OS neccesary to run your apps.
I want GooOS to boot from a USB memory card and to look very simple. Everything you


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