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Hardware, Embedded Systems We've seen a lot of reports going back and forth about whether or not Linux is doing well in the netbook space. As it turns out, research firm ABI Research as well as Dell say about one third of their machines ship with Linux pre-installed - which is pretty darn impressive.
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I have a Netbook, and it came to me without an OS. So I decided for kicks to put on Ubuntu Netbook Remix. Quite impressive actually.

What has me impressed:

1) Suspend works! Windows 7 to this day cannot get it right. I close the lid, system goes on standby, I open the lid system starts up again. I want this to work in a couple of seconds not MINUTES...

2) Battery power. Linux just uses the CPU much more efficiently. It was told me that the netbook could get max about an hour. I regularly get three to four. And when I wanted to install Windows 7 I heard the fan for the first time.

Not to say that I don't like Windows 7. I use it on my desktop all the time and an quite happy. But for a netbook Microsoft f***d up, and remains f****d up.

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