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Legal And we have news of yet another massive copyright infringement lawsuit in the music industry. This one takes place in Canada, and the infringed party is placing a truly massive claim on the infringing party: 50 million USD, with the possibility of it exceeding 60 billion USD. Bad news? Well, no, not really - you really need to consider the infringing party in this one. This is irony not even the ancient Greeks could imagine.
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Greeks had money too
by cpiral on Tue 8th Dec 2009 22:57 UTC
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It is not either "difficult to understand why the industry has been so reluctant to pay its bills".
They delay because they can.
I say forgive the monied interests, all of them, but do away with with the allowances of the financial systems we now have. (Punny.) Those aren't, who stand to gain, starving artists,

What is financial crises other than loss of consensus?
What is ownership but responsible handling?
The CRIA should not have ownership of money
if they cannot "handle" it out responsibly.
Neither should State have Church (or Money).
Economics alone confuses life's ecological decision-making.

The ancient Greeks? They say κρίσις (krisis), “‘a separating, power of distinguishing, decision, choice, election, judgment, dispute’”) < κρίνω (krinō), “‘pick out, choose, decide, judge’”)

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