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Internet & Networking At PrepCom3, a dramatic last-minute deal drawn up by the EU may mark the end of the US government's control of the internet. In essence, [the EU called for] a new version of the current overseeing body ICANN and an end to the US government's overall control of the DNS. The US was scathing about the proposals, within minutes telling delegates that it "can't in any way allow any changes" that would prevent it from having overall control of the internet. Other countries, like Brazil, China, Iran and Cuba support the proposal. Brazil's ambassador outlined: "It is not a question of being anti-ICANN, it's about having a very clear and open and democratic and inclusive mechanism of overview of certain functions that today are performed by ICANN with no kind of supervision."
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I believe that if other countries consider it so strategic and don't trust the US to administer it anymore, why didn't they develop their own network and protocols?

They did create their own networks. The internet came to existence by connecting the many international networks (Europe had their own). Why develope a new protocol when there already is one that works fine? USA invented the ARPAnet which was connected to the european network which was connected... and so on.

Lastly on the internet stuff, America developed and financed the internet.

And so did other countries as well. European countries did also develope the internet and they financed it as well. USA created the ARPAnet but not the internet.

There were many people that contributed theories that were used to build Internet technologies but America built it.

They built it together with somebody else (as you admit yourself). Ergo it's not solely an US creation. It's a world creation.

And we let everyone use it freely...

Well.. that's arrogant. We worked with you on the project as well. You did it together with us. So thank you very much for giving us access to our own work :p

look how great it has become.

Yeah, we did a good job together, didn't we?

Just because many countries have latched onto it does not mean in my mind that we have to let go of our creation.

WWW is an european invention running on top of the network, The internet is a world wide creation, and not just your creation. It's everybody's creation. So give the rest of us the access we deserve. You're holding our creation as a (political) hostage.

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