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Hardware, Embedded Systems On a number of occasions, Apple has stated that it cannot design a laptop at around 400-500 USD that isn't total crap. This seems like a reasonable point to make - but why, then, is Dell - of all companies - seemingly able to do so? Dell just launched the Dell Vostro V13 (official press release), and it looks pretty good.
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RE[3]: Comment by Laurence
by foljs on Wed 9th Dec 2009 11:26 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Laurence"
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You pay a premium for Apple hardware because you pay into their brand. That's a fact.
You might personally buy the hardware for the OS, but the fact still remains that the hardware is priced above PC hardware of the same spec because it's Apple branded.

"That's a fact", how? It has been actually shown to be false many times.

Apple makes mostly high-end machines --in that market segment their prices are competitive and sometimes cheaper that other brands.

Also, keep in the mind that "specs" are not just cpu, hd, video card, number ports and the like. If you want to compare a computer to another you also have some other specs that contribute to the price: money spent on case design and ergonomics, finish, cost of materials and machining, etc. While not necessary for raw computing, those factors are neither trivial to the price, non undesirable for the consumer --and they help make everyday use better if well implemented.

For example:

Is a laptop with an extruding camera to cost the same as an Apple one with a camera hidden in the body?

Does paying a high-end industrial designer for designing the aethetics and the ergonomics of the case cost more?

Does a unibody construction cost more than the usual multi-part style?

Does an embedded DVD drive cost more than a usual slide out one?

Does making the product x inches thinner or y kg lighter cost more?

Does a multi-touch glass trackpad cost more than the usual mediocre one?

Does even simply taking the man-time of arranging the inner wiring and cards neatly (as in any Mac Pro) instead of making a mess of it costs more?

Does using LED backlighting of specific luminance cost more comparable to the less well made by a competitor?

etc etc...

Specs in relation to cost are not only numeric measurements of cpu speed, front size bus speed, GB ram et al...

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