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Hardware, Embedded Systems On a number of occasions, Apple has stated that it cannot design a laptop at around 400-500 USD that isn't total crap. This seems like a reasonable point to make - but why, then, is Dell - of all companies - seemingly able to do so? Dell just launched the Dell Vostro V13 (official press release), and it looks pretty good.
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by andrewg on Wed 9th Dec 2009 15:12 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by big_gie"
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If you get the Macbook and assuming you are not comfortable with Hackintosh you have to put up with MacOs. Which means you get crappy font rendering and an inferior plain ugly version of Microsoft Office. And no other Office package can replace Microsoft Office right now especially as it relates to Excel.

I bought the 2.53Ghz 13 inch macbook pro recently and sold it after a few weeks for that reason. The hardware is outstanding but software can't match Windows 7 and Microsoft Office. I love the way Windows 7 scales everything so nicely on high DPI screens and the way fonts look so crisp and clean. I look at a fonts on a Mac for a few minutes and I end up irritated and annoyed.

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