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Hardware, Embedded Systems On a number of occasions, Apple has stated that it cannot design a laptop at around 400-500 USD that isn't total crap. This seems like a reasonable point to make - but why, then, is Dell - of all companies - seemingly able to do so? Dell just launched the Dell Vostro V13 (official press release), and it looks pretty good.
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Apple Could, If They Wanted To...
by Ranger on Wed 9th Dec 2009 16:18 UTC
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Buying an Apple laptop/Notebook or desktop isn't all that different from buying from other computer manufacturers.

First of all, Apple products are very over-priced for what they offer by comparison to other manufacturers. The profit margins enjoyed by Apple simply scream (to me) about the over-pricing.

One of Apple's best selling points in the past was that most (if not all) of their products were over-built, over-engineered and designed to last. I recall the Apple II Series and early Macs and remember that they were all designed & built with superior components and materials. They were extremely sturdy, meant to last and the higher price was justified.

By current standards, I find product offerings from Apple to barely be on par with other manufacturers. In fact, I've felt some Apple Notebooks offered to be flimsy & cheesey when compared to similar models made by Toshiba and others.

If Apple truly wanted to offer a laptop in the $400-600 USD range, they could easily do so. All they'd have to do is cut the over-priced tag. Their claim of not being aboe to is just a hollow excuse to keep their prices artificially high.

Greed. That's all it is.

Apple also wishes people to believe they're buying into the, 'Apple Experience.' The so-called, 'Apple Experience,' should come with a few shares of STOCK for the prices they charge.

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