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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Verizon's Motorola Droid is a brand-new phone today. Like many smartphones before it, the Droid has been rooted so that owners of the Android 2.0-based smartphone can install multitouch support (including pinch-to-zoom gestures), enhanced themes and other previously forbidden goodies."
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that's great but...
by MobyTurbo on Wed 9th Dec 2009 22:58 UTC
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That's great that another Android device has been rooted, though a few haven't been yet... I probably will get modded down for this, but the Palm Pre or Pixi, simply by putting it in developer mode and using the SDK (novaterm/novacom) to access a Linux root prompt, is *already* rooted from day one, and very easy to mod because all of the applications, including the built-in ones, are made of Javascript - i.e. text files that can be easily patched.

See and see how much can be done with WebOS devices to hack them, everything from themes to installing native Linux programs - with no need to do anything to the device that Palm doesn't allow. (Well, if you start tethering Sprint won't like it, but Palm has built a device open enough to do that anyway, among other things.) In fact, much of this stuff doesn't even need you to "root" the device to do, but if you need root access, it's there.

Palm has arguably built the most open mainstream handset on the market, and they've promised they aren't going to close it up later. It even includes source code for all of the OSS software and a license PDF file on the device, including the muPDF PDF software that's being sued about. (The issue is being aggregated with non-GPL software as a library, not that their source has been stolen.)

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