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Amiga & AROS AROS distribution Icaros Desktop v1.2 has been released. AROS is a lightweight, portable and independent operating system aiming to recreate the original AmigaOS experience on any platform and, after many years of development, has finally reached a good degree of reliability. Icaros Desktop provides a full, already pre-configured Amiga-like desktop environment on any PC, packing it with many useful or entertaining applications, games and so on.
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by wowtip on Wed 9th Dec 2009 23:31 UTC
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I ran some kind of live cd or emulated version a year or two ago, and though a bit buggy, it was still snappy.

Imho AROS and other small upstart OSs (Haiku) should really focus on getting a solid web browser before anything else. As more and more things have moved into the browser and we spend more and more of our computer time using it, it grows more important for each day.

I use Haiku with firefox as a dual boot option for mswindows when I only need to login to my bank to transfer money, or send a quick email or check the bus time table. Boot time is very short compared to the time I will have to wait until my win desktop is up and ready.

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