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Editorial Now that everything is moving to the cloud internet, you might think that data loss is a thing of the past. Sadly, as the past few months have taught us, this actually isn't true; we first had the Microsoft/Danger disaster, and now we have Palm and Sprint facing a class-action lawsuit over data loss for webOS phones. All this raises the question: how safe is it to store your precious data on the internet, and do you really trust the internet?
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"affects a small amount of people. "

Sorry, but I don't buy that one. I'm not trusting any of the companies with my personal data. Only replicable content goes/stays online.
This whole "cloud computing" [client-server] way of using internet is just simply BAD. I prefer to be angry on myself when something bad happens, than to blame others. Besides - I can have strong crypto, multiple backups ... yes, I am better in saving my own data than some silly companies that only cares for the money.
My data is invaluable for me. And one more thing - computing - as a whole thing - is PERSONAL for me. Not social, not massive and not collaborative. I do my work, I send and get things, but that's just about it.

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