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Editorial Now that everything is moving to the cloud internet, you might think that data loss is a thing of the past. Sadly, as the past few months have taught us, this actually isn't true; we first had the Microsoft/Danger disaster, and now we have Palm and Sprint facing a class-action lawsuit over data loss for webOS phones. All this raises the question: how safe is it to store your precious data on the internet, and do you really trust the internet?
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RE[3]: About MY data
by marcp on Thu 10th Dec 2009 13:57 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: About MY data"
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Care to elaborate?

Not every part of the globe is doomed with earthquakes, floods and alikes.
When you cut that out, the only thing that's left is HW failure or human failure.
Offline backup [USB keys, cards, tapes] is the cure for HW failure. Then we have human failure ... and that's a whole different story, because you CAN actually make yourself being more careful.

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